Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gold Dollar Seduction

I've finished my newest cover for Phaze. It's for Sage Burnett's GOLD DOLLAR SEDUCTION.

I'm really tickled with how it turned out. : ) So ... whatcha think?
BEHIND THE COVER: This cover was actually kind of tricky. I wanted it to have so many different elements that the author had asked for, without it coming out cluttered.
So I decided to put the cowboy inside of the saloon. The saloon doors originally pointed inward and had hinges on them. So I had to do some tweaking to get the doors flipped and without hinges. After I put the cowboy in, it looked a little bland, so I added a nude girl with a lense flare to give a subtle distancing effect.
The rest was fairly easy as I removed the background from the boots and hat and used them to cover the bottom imperfections of the blending of the cowboy and the saloon.
~ * ~
Tentative release date: July 13th, 2009
After tending cattle for the summer, Ben McCade, a drifter and cowpuncher, has a pocketful of money and a thirst for good whiskey. At the local saloon he lays eyes on Rose Dixon and his thirst for her needs to be quenched. When he inquires about Rose, the bartender tells him she belongs to his former boss, Johnny Howard, the owner of the Double D Ranch. That information doesn't stop Ben from finding her room. He offers Rose thirty gold dollars to share her bed for the night.

It's a risky offer, but one Rose is willing to take. She deserately wants her freedom.The money not only tempts her, but so does the rugged cowboy.

When Johnny catches Ben in Rose's room all hell breaks loose. Ben and Rose manage to escape with Ben promising to find her a safe place to live. He also promises to collect his money's worth from her.

Rose willingly lives up to her end of the bargain when it comes to granting Ben McCade sexual pleasures. Unfortunately, the deal between the two of them wasn't suppose to involve her heart.


Jamie Hill said...

This is very cool. I really like seeing what you do with these different covers. You have a keen eye!

Michelle Houston said...

LOL Thanks hon. This one was a bit different for me. I am used to writing contemporaries, and thus I have a better idea of cover art for contemporaries. Doing a historical stretched my creative abilities, and was kinda fun too. Sage was great to work with, and was willing to let me run with a concept and see what I could come up with.

Jamie Hill said...

I love a cover artist who is willing to come up with ideas. It's kind of intimidating to me when I'm asked to search for my own pictures and come up with the idea myself. Hey, I was lucky to get the story written! *gasping for air*

I don't mind helping, of course. And obviously I want final approval. *G*

But I'm basically easy to please.

Michelle Houston said...


Yeah, it can be fun to stretch the creative muscles in a new direction occasionally.

I'm odd I guess. I love coming up with my own images for my covers. : ) Then again, I am a bit of a control freak and like ot have things my way. LOL

Sage Burnett said...

I think I love it.

Michelle Houston said...


And I am glad that you do. : )

Thanks Sage, for stopping by.