Friday, March 27, 2009

Been designing ...

Yes indeed, it was a busy spring break.
I got some reading done, worked like normal, did some volunteer work at Lakeside Nature Center ... and worked on graphics. ; )
The cover for Janis Susan May's THE FAIR AMAZON cover is one of my latest. : )
BEHIND THE COVER: Due to it being a regency romance, and the lack of available images, it was interesting to try and find elements that fit, and would make a great cover, which staying true to the concept of the author's world. I think it turned out great. : ) But then again, I'm rather biased.
The gold curtains were originally a straight fabric, so I got to play with some new image effects, which was really cool. The rest of the cover is pretty self explanatory.
I will say, finding the image of the couple was a complete bitch. LOL The original concept the author wanted called for period dress, but I don't know the Elizabethian from the Victorian when it comes to clothes. Plus, there just isn't that much out there by way of costumed stock images. So I had to improvise, and go with a waltz style image.
I really like the name font, but I do wish I had chosen something different for the title font. It just doesn't quite match. Other than that though, I am happy with it. : )

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