Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Acceptance: Taming The Wolf

As I mentioned in my Monthly Word Count post, I have been hard at work on the second and third book in my Animal Attraction series. What I forgot to mention before that was that I have a new acceptance. LOL

TAMING THE WOLF, the first short in my Animal Attraction series, has been accepted by Phaze. It's a hot M/M short story. : ) It will be coming out in March of 2009. Whoohoo.

Heres' the tentative blurb.

Gay werewolves just didn’t happen naturally. Ben had accepted that he would quite possibly live the rest of his life alone. Then one day Nathan, another rogue-made werewolf, turns up on his doorstep and he finds that maybe there is a mate for him after all, if he can teach the younger man how to tame his inner wolf.

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