Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Reviews -- Whoohoo!

Part of the voting for Parallel Attraction that is being done at Whipped Cream Reviews is based on the review that they did. Ergo, I have a new review of Parallel Attraction to share. : )

"This book starts with a bang, literally -- beginning with a hostage situation and a bomb detonating and then, Anna-Marie finds that she hasn't died, but has instead awakened over the rainbow. Okay, not really, but that is how she feels. Alex Brent is beside her bed when she wakes and tells her a story of the String Theory, World War III, and genetics. Anna has sworn to kiss the first first available male she comes across, and Alex looks really fine despite the fact he is very possibly crazy.
I enjoyed the love story as it developed. It is a simple but sweet story of two lonely people who cross universes to find each other. "
~ Hibiscus for Whipped Cream Reviews


I also receieved word today of another new review, this one for A Change of Pace.

"A Change of Pace is a fast paced short story. Michelle Houston did an excellent job of loading the 21 pages of this story with a lot of emotion and passion between Nicole and Alan. I could relate to Nicole and her despair over her life and the direction it has taken. It was heartwarming to read of the rekindling of an attraction long lost between Alan and Nicole. If you are looking for a short read loaded with passion to heat you up for bedtime, I highly recommend this book!" ~ Melissa for Fallen Angel Reviews

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