Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Funny: Top 10 Signs You Are Addicted to the Internet

Top Ten Signs You are Addicted to the Internet
10. You kiss your girlfriend's/boyfriend's home page.
9. Your bookmark takes 15 minutes to scroll from top to bottom.
8. Your eyeglasses have a web site burned in on them.
7. You find yourself brainstorming for new subjects to search.
6. You refuse to go to a vacation spot with no electricity and no phone lines.
5. You finally do take that vacation, but only after buying a cellular-modem and a laptop.
4. You spend half of the plane trip with your laptop on your lap... and your child in the overhead compartment.
3. All your daydreaming is preoccupied with getting a faster connection to the net: 28.8... ISDN... cable modem... T1... T3...
2. Even your night dreams are in HTML.
And the number 1 sign that you are addicted to the internet ...
1. You find yourself typing "com" after every period.

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