Monday, August 18, 2008

First review for BLOOD SLAVE is in!

Yowza! The review is a good one. : )

I am so pleased that the reviewer enjoyed Blood Slave. It's the title that I worried about the most since it pushes so many boundaries.

"Ms. Houston’s teasingly short offering in Blood Slave is like a “sample” box of decadent dark-chocolate bonbons: decidedly delicious, infinitely edible and entirely too small despite its delivery of great satisfaction. She takes a hardcore aspect of BDSM and gives it enough purpose to bring the whole scene to the “light side” of the spectrum. The four heroes are developed with lightening speed (and a smattering of details) into men in which I find myself fully invested by the middle of each of their stories. Her concise yet, somehow, lush peeks into the workings of the characters’ minds are all the direction my imagination needed to set the stage and pull me into the middle of the action. Ms. Houston demonstrates a definite understanding of what it takes to execute a perfect short story. She does it beautifully." ~ Keely, for Sensual ECata Romance Reviews

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