Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Reviews!

Receieved two wonderful reviews today! One is for A CHANGE OF PACE, my most recent release, and the other is for FANGS AND FUR, which comes out in September. Neither has links live yet, but I have to share snippets from the reviews. They are too good not to.

(Doing the happy dance!)

"A CHANGE OF PACE is a fiery story of passion, withheld for a decade, between two old college friends. The lovers are easy to relate too and there are sparks every time they have a scene together. I can’t get over how sexy it is when the author speaks of Alan Vivanio. A man bigger than life, but the kind of guy every woman dreams of. I enjoy the way Michelle Houston describes Nicole’s feelings about her life and Alan. It gives depth to the characters and creates a more intense connection between them. Houston portrays the sex scenes with precise explanations and it truly helped that I wasn’t made to stop and think of acrobatics. The encounter was refreshing, hot, steamy, naughty and absolutely to the point. A CHANGE OF PACE got my pulse jumping with each page and I was pleasantly surprised with the witty ending." ~ Twila, for Dark Angel Reviews

"Four different stories but all of them are connected. In reality the author could have just written one story about the situation and given all the characters roles. In saying that the passion of the couples in each story would not have been as well captured if bunched together. Separately they all get their own limelight and of course they all get their amazing love scenes.
Hot paranormal romance and a good storyline to boot. This is a nice collection of four quick saucy stories that will please a lot of appetites." ~ Amber Chalmers, for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

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