Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Funny: top ten ways to realize your internet connection is a little slow

Top Ten ways to realize your Internet connection is a little slow

- Text on Web pages display as Morse Code.
- Graphics arrive via FedEx.
- You believe a heavier string might improve your throughput.
- You post a message to your favorite Newsgroup and it displays a week later.
- Your credit card expires while ordering on-line.
- Playboy web site exhibits "Playmate of the year"... for 1989.
- You're still in the middle of downloading that popular new game, "Ping Pong".
- Everyone you talk to on the 'net phone' sounds like Forrest Gump.
- You receive e-mails with stamps on them.
- You click the "Send" button, a little door opens on the side of your monitor and a pigeon flies out.

LOL I love that last one. : ) Reminds me of my old internet connection. Might have been faster to send files that way. : )

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