Friday, May 23, 2008

Whew ... what a week ... last two weeks actually

I know things have been rather quiet around here and on my yahoogroup (as well as the others I participate in). Sorry about that.

First there was finals to deal with and then summer classes started and then the dreaded event - we moved.


Packing all of my family's crap into boxes to lug them elsewhere to unpack them. And of course I always wind up needing more stuff and having things I have no place for. LOL

It took 4 days to get everything moved over to the new place, then we spent a day cleaning the old place, and now we are trying to get everything unpacked. We've got most of it done, but still have a few odds and ends ("Where the hell does THIS go?") kind of stuff. LOL

But I hope that now things will be returning to normal.

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