Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Mix-up

Another month has drawn to an end (or close enough for me to post my word count progress).

This month I reached 16,930 words, or 33% of my goal.

I worked on two duet sequels to Fated To Be, my myth duet, one featuring Ares/Enyo, the other Nyx/Morpheus. That was 1,780 words.

I also extended the collection Playing For Keeps, which is my orphaned Aphrodite's Apples stories. They now fit within the series that Fated To Be started. 1,350 words. They've been submitted and I hope to hear something back soon.

I started an offshoot project to the same myth series, and managed 300 words on that so far.

Then I worked on a MF werewolf story that has been slow going for a while now. Added 1,900 words to it. And I started on a MMF piece that I have been toying with the idea of for a while, and managed 1,100 words.

With school and all, I am rather happy with my progress so far. The fact that I have made a third of the way through my goal so far is great news to me. I just wish Iw as able to focus more time, and longer one on set project, so that I could wrap them up and get them submitted. But I guess that will happen in good time. : )

Well, that wraps up another month of writing.

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