Sunday, January 27, 2008

WOW ... it's been a while!

As I am sitting here trying to delay working on homework, it dawned on me that I haven't posted to my blog in a while.

School started back up and the time just slid away from me.

Let's see ... to catch everyone up real quick.

This semester I am taking four classes, for a total of 15 credit hours. They are General Chemistry II, Cell Biology, Technology and Change, and Music Appreciation. So far I am liking all of my classes, although they are starting to become time demanding, and I am only into my third week of classes.

The student organization that I am president of was recently recognized as an "official chapter". Whoohoo!

Over the Martin Luther King Jr weekend my family and I took a quick trip down to Miami Florida. It was our first vacation in two years, and we needed it.

We visited the Miami Metro Zoo (always a highlight of our trips there), John Penneykamp Coral Reef State Park on Key Largo, a bird rehabilitation center on Key Largo, and a few other tourist attractions. There were several other things we had planned, but time just went by too quickly. We are already starting to plan for next year though.

At the zoo we managed to spend almost an hour in the Aviary, which is amazing given we went with my daughter who is ten. She loves the zoo, but is always in such a hury to see "the next thing". LOL

At Penneykamp, my husband and daughter went kayaking, while my father-in-law and I bummed around the gift shop and just enjoyed sitting in the breeze and watching the squirrels.

We flew down since we had such a limited time, and I have to say after that trip it will be a good LONG while before I fly again. It was awful. Next year we are already planning to drive down, and maybe hit a zoo we haven't visited before on the way down, and another on the way back. : )

Now that we are home, we are all playing catch up on homework, trying to get things back in order at home (since we still have some unpacking to do - or rather I have some unpacking to do), and recover from our vacation. LOL

It was fun, but way too short to do everything we wanted to do.

Well, seven am is going to be here all too soon, and I need to finish up a bit more of my homework before I head off to bed, so I had better wrap this up.

Take care all!


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