Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Review: Diggin' Up Bones

Title: Diggin' Up Bones
Author: Michelle Houston
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59426-747-5
Pages: 42
Rated: 4 kisses
Reviewer: Alisha for Two Lips Reviews

Alisa has a book deadline coming up, but the distractions make work next to impossible. There are men digging in her yard, and one of them is Zach Bradford. Two years ago she and Zach had a relationship—now they share nothing except an interest in the Cherokee Native American bones on her property. When the bones were discovered, Alisa prevailed upon Zach to handle the case. As an archeologist, Zach will be sure that any remains or artifacts are properly preserved. Now, she is almost regretting her decision.

Zach cannot understand why they are not still together—why they broke up in the first place. Too bad his specialty is digging up answers from the past! Zach had been persistence itself in his pursuit of Alisa, and now wants only to know why she cut him out of her life. He's been waiting two years to find out, and when Alisa comes to him regarding the bones found in her yard, he latches onto the excuse to be close to her. If she will only open up to him, and give him her heart again…

Michelle Houston pens a tender, yet sweet, story of how humiliation and shame can undermine the best of relationships. Alisa's humiliation over a rape several years before intruded on her then growing relationship with Zach—but she was too ashamed to tell him. Alisa must bury the bones of her past, and move forward if she wishes to seduce Zach, the only man she has ever loved!

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