Monday, November 05, 2007

Two New Acceptances

Just heard today that two of my stories out on submission have been accepted.


The first is a leather fetish story that had previously been accepted for an anthology that unfortunatly never happened. It now has a home in the L volume of the Erotic Alphabet seties, L Is For Leather.

My story is called Tempted.

Elaine Marcum was turned on by leather, especially when it was hugging the tight curves of a woman. She even prowled the clubs, enjoying the view. What she hadn't expected was to run into one of her former students at a lesbian bar - a former student with an interesting ultimatum.

The second is also going to be in a volume in the Erotic Alphabet series called K Is For Kinky.

The story is called Wandering Where Led.

When Karolyn takes her pony boy to another Dom's stable to mount his pony, she never expected to be as turned on by it as she was. Then again, she never expected the other pony to be a stallion.

I'll post covers and book descriptions as soon as I have them. Right now all I know is that they should be coming out February 28th.

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