Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Word: Breast Cancer

I know it's more than one word, and I am certain we all know the meaning to it, but I still think it's worth mentioning. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it shouldn't be confined to just one month. In fact, it shouldn't be confined to just one disease.

Life is too short, and too precious, to screw around with a potentially deadly disease - any potentially deadly disease. Visit your doctor regularly. I know it's touch financially for many - I am in the same boat myself. But regular checkups, with a caring professional, can make the difference between life and death.

Vampires and other immortals are fun to think about, and I find it ironic that Breast Cancer Awareness month is also the month of Halloween, when we see all the "supernatural beings", but no one lives forever. Some of us are lucky to just get our fair share of time.

So be safe - be smart - and check yourself out. If you think something is wrong, then call your doctor. See if you need to go in and be checked out. This goes for guys and gals, young and old.

Don't mess around with your life! Cause I hate to break it to some out there - but none of you are immortal (at least not the vampire and such type - not getting into a discussion of souls and such).

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