Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Mix-up: Books

Ok, so last week was hectic as hell, and I only managed ONE LOUSY post that was on topic. Sorry - I shall try to do better this week.

To start the week off, my Monday Mix-Up post is about .... BOOKS! Yea, something near and dear to (I am hoping) the heart of anyone reading this blog.

The last few days I managed to get caught up on some of my book buying.

I bought the third book in Susan Grant's newest series - How To Lose An Extraterrestrail In 10 Days - a book I have been waiting for for a while. REEF was sexy and totally sensitive, a complete difference from the normal Alpha male.

I also bought the On The Orowl anthology, for the short story by Eileen Wilks. It goes with a series she already has running, and I can't WAIT for the next full on novel, which will continue the interwoven story line.

I also picked up Susan Sizemore's Primal Desires. A sexy beast master who is also a vampire? Whoohoo! I am looking forward to reading this one.

And Nalini Singh's Caressed By Ice - the absolute MUST HAVE series for me right now. This woman can WRITE. In fact, my first (and only so far) Sunday Suggestion was the first book in her series, and CBI is the third. I am looking forward t a few quiet hours this evening to read it.

I also have a few other books that I need to buy, but I had to space it out otherwise hubby starts to get a bit anxious about how much I am spending. LOL

I also managed to check out Christine Feehan's latest Dark book, Dark Possession, from the library (I just don't buy hardbound - but as soon as it comes out in paperback, I will purchase it). I like the series, but I am dying to read Skyler's story. That little girl and her connection to Dimitri (I think his name is) had me balling. I want her all grown up with a happy ending of her own. But I know that Feehan has a story arc to work out, and there are pacing issues, but I figure if she can jump 20 years to have the characters form the first book's daughter be old enough for Gregori, then Skyler can grown about 5 years to be over 18. I also want her to write Solanga and Jasmine's stories (the Jaguar people's line) and I kind of have an idea that one of them will wind up with the newly turned Jaguar/Carpathian. But I could be wrong. LOL


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