Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Word: Divan

Well, ofically it is Wednesday for me. By 20 minutes, so I am ok to go ahead and post before heading to bed.

Today's word is brought to you thanks to my loosing my mind the other day.

My husband was asking for the term for a backless couch, with arm-rests, and I was drawing a blank.

First thing that came to mind - a duvet. But I know that wasn't right. A duvet is a comforter.

Then I thought of a fainting couch, but couldn't remember the term for it. I kept coming back to a chaise lounge, but that's not it either. Finally we hit upon it.


I wasn't far off with duvet, and yet I was way in left field. LOL

And that is today's Wednesday Word. : )


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Anonymous said...

huh, I learn something new everyday, lol ;)