Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Release - 413 Remembrance Lane: Dairy of a House

The Diary is out!


Two centuries, many owners, and the question has been asked--is it blessed, or cursed? There is a certain house in New Orleans at 413 Remembrance Lane. Within the walls lives end and begin, myths and superstition blend with reality, erotic fantasies are realized, and always love has held the upper hand.

Is the house, steeped in history and the emotions of those who have lived there? Or perhaps the legend goes a little deeper. Visit and find out for yourself. Seven stories, seven authors, seven incredible romances.

Length: 87K

Paranormal romance/erotic romance with various sexualities, Heterosexual/Lesbian/Threesome/Gay

Does the legend go deeper? Visit and find out for yourself at ...

Michelle Houston

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