Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Places I Want To Visit

Sorry it's a day late. My daughter has been sick the last few days, and things got real hectic around here. Before I knew it, Thursday was over and I hadn't managed to post.

Thirteen Things about Michelle Houston

Places I Want To Visit - in no particular order

1. Scotland - especially Castle Culzean. While doing online research for my two Celtic Love Knots stories, I wandered through some sites filled with information on Scotish castles. Castle Culzean just stood out to me as breathtaking.

2. Egypt - there is something about the pyramids that makes you appreciate life and how fleeting it all is. I promised myself that if there is any way possible, when I graduate college, my family and I will take a trip to Egypt.

3. Japan - I have always loved Japanese gardens, and while in Florida I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit one. It was incredible.

4. England - Especially a castle tour.

5. The Caribean, Hawaii, etc. - I have always wanted to visit a string of islands. To take a cruise and enjoy the sand, the sun, and being pampered. Do some scuba diving and snorkelsing in crystal clear waters, and actually see the wonders of a coral reef in person.

6. Alaska - Actually I want to do a cruise off of Alaska during whale migration, then go ashore for a few days.

7. Germany - I have a very good friend who is from Germany, and my husband's ancestory is mostly German. Plus, my in-laws lived in Germany for a few years, and I have heard wonderful things about the country.

8. The Grand Canyon - I know it is clique, but there is something about seeing millions of years of the Earth's evolution laid bare that is intriguing.

9. A rain forest - Although I am terrified of spiders, snakes, and creepy crawleys, I would love to visit a rain forest for a day. Maybe two. I'd especialy love to see the birds.

10. The Galapagos Islands - Hey, I'm a biology major. LOL It's only fitting for me to want to see where Darwin was when his ideas of evolution started to hit him.

11. Greece - I want to wander among the ruins of what was.

12. New York - I have never been a fan of big cities, but I want to see the Bronx zoo. And I want to wander the streets where my favorite TV show - Law & Irder - is set.

13. San Diego - Again, I want to see the zoo. LOL It's on my top ten list of zoos I want to some day visit.

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