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It's May
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It's May:

I'm free! Classes are over and done with for the semester. I've done my best on my finals ... and now I get to enjoy the summer months. I won't find out my final grades for a week or so, but I know that I gave it my best, and that's all I can do.

Woohoo! Freedom! : )

I am thinking of treating myself to a trip to the zoo next week; just me, my husband, and our daughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pub News:

Coming out this month is Erotic Tales volume 2, edited by Justus Roux. It contains my story 'Nice Kitty Kat', wherein Katrina finds herself in the oddest of situations, thanks to her agreeing to help a friend without finding out the details first.

Here's a little tease ...

It never failed. I agree to something without knowing the whole story and find myself in the oddest of situations. Last time a friend of mine needed my help, I wound up driving him and his friends back from a gay bachelor party. Seems he felt it was best for a woman to drive around a bunch of shit-faced gay men.

Now this. Laughing softly to myself, I had to admit that this was definitely the strangest of outcomes, agreeing to be a friend's 'date' to a costume party. Memo to self: next time, get costume veto approval, and find out exactly where the party was being held.

When Carmen showed up at my house two hours ago and held out a box, since she was dressed in a tux, I figured I would be the bride. How wrong I was.

Inside the deceptively simple box was a set of body paints, a T back thong, a collar, and a set of cat ears. Arching my brow at her, I had to ask just what she had planned. Now, I wish I hadn't.

Squirming slightly, I tried to ease the pressure of Carmen's friend's hands against my ass, but the woman was determined that I stay put. A quick slap to my bare ass quickly drove that point home.

"Be a good pussy now," Anne, the bitch goddess from hell, cooed. Carmen sure could pick them. First, she introduces me to a cross-dresser who simply had to borrow my lipstick, then to a woman so far in the closet she was attached to a hanger, and now a full time Domme.

CONTINUED in Erotic Tales volume 2

Alison Tyler has accepted my story 'Nine Ball, Corner Pocket' for the G Is For Games anthology, the 7th in the Erotic Alphabet series from Cleis Press. It's coming out in July.

I have all of the covers to date on my website. Swing by and check them out. They are great! I've also created a puzzle using them, so when you have a moment, check it out in the Just For Fun section.


Last month I mentioned that Kinky Girls Do was out on submission. Well, I heard some great news back. It has been accepted by Phaze. : ) I had added a fourth story to it before I submitted it, and I think the addition makes it hotter, and kinkier, than before. So I am really looking forward to it's publication.

The best part though - it comes out quick! It's scheduled for July 16th.

Here's a little bit about it. : )

Kinky Girls Do is a collection of four stories about women who like their sex with a little spice. One likes others to watch, one craves domination, and two want to be bound to varying degrees. Bad girls dream . . . kinky girls do.

Your Attention Please: Angela is an exhibitionist, which makes her job as a stripper perfect for her. She really likes it when her boyfriend watches the crowds reaction to her, because she knows that afterwards he will have to reassert his claim on her. And he does, in a delicious way perfect for her exhibitionist nature.

Chasing Her Dream: Lydia had just one wish for her birthday – to be sexually dominated. Her boyfriend couldn't handle the job, and ended their relationship over it. Luckily for her, her best friend Shawn was more than willing and able to fulfill her fantasy. She just has to run first . . . and trust him to chase her.

Bound In Love: Yvette and her husband Brett have always been open about their sexual needs and desires. But after she was raped (which she never told him about since he was deployed out of the country) she isn't certain if she can confess her greatest fantasy, to be bound and dominated. She finds, thanks to her therapist, that not living out her fantasies is worse than his reaction could ever be.

All About Trust: Melissa had finally found the perfect lover in Gregory. He is attentive, patient, and more than capable and willing to dominate her sexually.

I already have the cover art, and it is wonderful.


I also had my sequel to 'Worshipped', my story in Masquerade volume 2, accepted. Aphrodite's Apples will be publishing 'A Wish and A Threesome' in the upcoming Masquerade volume 4 anthology, sometime this summer.

Like Worshipped, it features not two, but three characters. And they are very naughty. : )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Speaking of Masquerade volume 2, we received a great review for it. Amanda Haffrey of Romance Junkies had this to say about Worshipped:

"On a recommendation by Athena to attend the Isle of Arcadia, Alicia takes her advice to start living again. Arriving at the island, Alicia encounters Pothos. Pothos is sweet, charming, gentle and understanding of the brutal pain in Alicia’s past. Instead of pushing her to join in the main festivities in the main house, he suggests they take a walk in the maze and just get to know each other. However, once in the maze things start heating up, and not just between Pothos and Alicia. Drawn into the maze because of the attraction between Pothos and Alicia, Himeros joins the couple. Will these two Gods be the cure for Alicia’s haunted past and be able to help her move on?

Two Gods who are known for their powers of sexual desire? How lucky can one woman get? WORSHIPPED left me tingly long after I finished this book. I want to be Alicia. What a great read. WORSHIPPED had wonderful sex, very well written plot that never faltered and amazing characters. Pothos and Himeros were hot, hot, hot! They were written so well, I could actually see them in the maze with Alicia. Alicia was very sweet, gentle and emotionally scarred. I was happy to see Pothos and Himeros with the help of Athena give Alicia her life back."

The review should be posted on the Romance junkies website soon, where you can read the whole thing.


In the mean time, check out the interview I did with Fallen Angel reviews at:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Website Updates:

There hasn't been much chance to add to my website the last few weeks, due to finals. But next month, I am hoping to have some new stuff. I need to update a few sections, and rework a few others.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One last bit. May is 'National Masturbation Month' ... so enjoy yourself, and celebrate. : ) See you all next month.

Michelle Houston

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