Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Masquerade volume 2 review

Category - Fantasy
Reviewed by Amanda Haffery for Romance Junkies
Authors: Jude Mason, Nikki Watson, CJ England and Michelle Houston
Publisher: Aphrodite’s Apples
Blue Ribbon Rating (1-5): Rated 5

SNIPPET:Gods, Goddesses and sex, oh my! What more could any woman dream of?

REVIEW: MASQUERADE is an amazing collection of Greek mythology with a modern daytwist. These four stories are sure to capture your heart. You willdefinitely recapture an interest in Greek mythology when you’re done reading However, the old boys of lore won’t begin to measure up to these amazingauthor’s takes on them. Strap in for an amazing thrill ride of orgasmicproportions. You’ll definitely want to cuddle up close to someone afterreading these hot stories.

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Worshipped by Michelle Houston

On a recommendation by Athena to attend the Isle of Arcadia, Alicia takes her advice to start living again. Arriving at the island, Alicia encounters Pothos. Pothos is sweet, charming, gentle and understanding of the brutal pain in Alicia’s past. Instead of pushing her to join in the main festivities in the main house, he suggests they take a walk in the maze and just get to know each other. However, once in the maze things start heating up, and not just between Pothos and Alicia. Drawn into the maze because of the attraction between Pothos and Alicia, Himeros joins the couple. Will these two Gods be the cure for Alicia’s haunted past and be able to help her move on?

Two Gods who are known for their powers of sexual desire? How lucky can one woman get? WORSHIPPED left me tingly long after I finished this book. I want to be Alicia. What a great read. WORSHIPPED had wonderful sex, very well written plot that never faltered and amazing characters. Pothos and Himeros were hot, hot, hot! They were written so well, I could actually see them in the maze with Alicia. Alicia was very sweet, gentle and emotionally scarred. I was happy to see Pothos and Himeros with the help of Athena give Alicia her life back.
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Caffey said...

I had the joy to review this one too. One more thing I can say, is that each story is so unique! Don't want to miss any of them. Looking forward to reading more of yours.