Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Reviews for Iridescence

First up is the review of Iridescence in this month's (December 2007) issue of CURVE Magazine. The review is on page 65.

Review by Kathi Isserman:

"The challenge is finding an erotica anthology that is different from the rest, with stories that do not all have familiar themes. Iridescence breaks that pattern, providing us with a culturally diverse and very sensual collection. It embraces an assortment of story types and styles, recognizing that erotica is very individual and personal to the reader. Included in this 23-story anthology are some well-known authors like Fiona Zedde, as well as lesser-known authors like Winnie Jerome. The common thread is that all are well-written, and they are actually stories, not just scenes. It is a collection that truly captures the rainbow that our flag represents."

The second review is by Lisabet Sarai for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.

"One of the things that I appreciated about IRIDESCENCE is the fact that most of the stories were about women whom I could understand and with whom I could identify." The read the rest of the review visit:

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