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June Newsletter

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Welcome to another exciting jaunt through my life. : )

We managed to head up the the city and take in the zoo. And miracle of miracles, it didn't RAIN! LOL

We, meaning my hubby, daughter, and I, had a lot of fun. We also got a wee bit of sun. Ok, they tanned, and I burned. Badly.

I knew when we left that I forgot something. Realized what it was about ten minutes AFTER we got to the zoo, when it was too later to hit a store real quick.

Also managed to make it to a movie this month. I am not much of one to enjoy movie theaters, when I can wait a few months and enjoy the movie in my own home, but I will make an occasional exception.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was the exception. The hubby was DYING to go see it, especially with the ending of the 2nd movie.

My daughter is already making noises about the next Harry Potter movie - but that will be a later newsletter.

For now, I hope that you enjoy June's news.

June is beginning with a BANG!

Iridescence, the lesbian women of color anthology compiled by the incredible Jolie du Pre, is now out.

To celebrate, some of the other authors and I are doing a blog tour. It starts today at Jolie's blog and will continue until the 30th. My day is scheduled for the 21st. I hope that you get a change to stop by and comment, and while you are there, feel free to comment on some of the past posts.

June 1 - Jolie du Pre
June 2 - Cheyenne Blue
June 4 - Fiona Zedde
June 5 - Tenille Brown
June 7 - Rachel Kramer Bussel
June 11 - Amanda Earl
June 12 - Jolene Hui
June 14 - Sofia Quintero
June 18 - Teresa Noelle Roberts
June 20 - CB Potts
June 21 - Michelle Houston
June 22 - Jean Roberta
June 25 - Andrea Dale
June 26 - Tawanna Sullivan
June 28 - Terri Pray
June 29 - Jacqueline Applebee
June 30 - Dylynn DeSaint


Also out today is the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology, from Whiskey Creek Press.
E-book ISBN: 9781593749668 & Print ISBN: 9781593749675
Lynn Crain, one of the other authors, created a video for the anthology, which is up on YouTube. If you get a moment, swing by and watch it. She worked really hard on it all.


Speaking of the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology. When I wrote my story, Unnatural Bonds, I also wrote another story called Laws of Nature that I had really hoped would make the cut for the Samhain Scorchers anthology.

I found out just a few days ago that it DID!

While it isn't a direct sequel, there is a connection.

I don't have a book description or cover art yet, since this is a very new acceptance, but I do have a little tease from the story. October is such a LONG way off yet ... : )

It took Shay a moment to register it wasn’t Bobby in the doorway, but her neighbor Garrett.
Shay?” Nervously he pushed his glasses up his nose and stepped towards her, his observant gaze not missing the handcuffs that shackled her wrists.

“Get out, and close the door behind you Garrett.”

“What happened, Shay?” As he spoke he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, flicking the lock.

“Bobby,” she spit out, the word tasting foul on her mouth. Jerking in agitation, she hissed as the silver rubbed her already sore wrists.

Fire flared within Garrett’s normally calm brown eyes. His boyish features tightened in anger, and for the first time in the two years she had known him, a curious awakening stirred within her. Gone was the boy next door, and in his place stood a man. As he stepped toward her and wrapped his hands around her wrists, a rush of desire moved over her.

“Let’s get you out of these things.” There was a gleam in his eyes that she had often seen in her brother’s gazes when they looked at women. He was pissed, and about to go alpha male on Bobby’s ass. It only excited her further.

Swallowing the words that begged to be expelled, she cursed her hormones and the urge to mate that called. Garrett had always been safe--the sweet computer geek who lived next door. She should have known there was more to him.

Unable to speak, Shay nodded her consent, holding back the whimpers that formed as he twisted her wrists to get a better view. “Silver?”

“Yeah. I’m allergic to it.”

“I remember.”

Almost absently she nodded. Trust Garrett to remember everything, including the time he had purchased a silver necklace for her birthday and had to return it for a gold one.

As Garrett leaned down to grip the paperclip and begin working it in the lock, his hair brushed against her chin. Shay breathed in, the deep woodsy scent of his aftershave swirled within her nose, further arousing her.

“I’ve almost got it, Shay. Just a second longer…there, got it.” As the cuffs dropped free, his hands gently rubbed her wrists, soothing her abraded flesh.

“Thanks,” she whispered, her throat tight. Her mind was still functioning, but her body was demanding control. The urge to jump him was building the longer she was near him.

“No problem, Shay. Now we need to call the cops and have him arrested. After I find him and beat the--" His words dropped off as he lifted his head, his gaze locking on hers. Looking into his deep brown eyes, Shay found herself drowning in need. Unable to resist, she tipped her head forward, brushing her lips over his.


In other wonderful news, Phaze has accepted BLOOD SLAVE, my duet of M/M BDSM vampire stories. I don't even have a tentative publication date yet, other than spring 2008. Such a long wait, but no where near as long as the wait to find a publisher willing to look at my naughty tale of gay vampires and their slaves.


As if that isn't enough, next month will see the publication of G Is For Games, and the other three anthologies in the next batch of the Erotic Alphabet series edited by Alison Tyler.

... and ...

Kinky Girls Do! 4 deliciously sexy tales of kink and women who delight in their sensuality.
I can hardly wait.

Reviews for the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology are already starting to come in.
Chrissy Dionne of Romance Junkies had this to say about the anthology:

"SUMMER SOLSTICE is a fun-filled anthology which readers of various types of paranormal stories will thoroughly enjoy. Each story provides an entertaining plot, fascinating characters, unexpected events, and truly hot sex. Vampires, fortune tellers, ghosts, witches, demons, wizards and elves all come to life within the pages of this book. Every story is vastly different and I found myself eagerly jumping from one story to the next anticipating yet another fascinating tale. SUMMER SOLSTICE gives readers an exciting opportunity to discover new-to-you authors and several different types of paranormal stories which are represented. It's the perfect way to kick back and enjoy the summer heat."

The full review should be up on the Romance Junkies website soon.

I've been playing around with the website a bit more, and moved the in Recent News page to the NEWS tab. It was running too long on the main page, and I wanted to make it all a bit easier to find what the most recent books out.

Let me know if you like, or hate, the changes.

I've also added some more puzzles. LOL I am getting fairly addicted to doing them myself. Although, I am not the world's best at them.

Well, that's another newsletter wrapped up.

I hope to have some more wonderful news to share next month, so stay tuned. : )

Michelle Houston

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